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From June until 1st of December

presented at the Senckenberg Museum in Dresden, Germany.

Japanische Palais in Dresden

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 November 2012 - May 2013:  Schweitz, Zürich:
Focus Terra at  ETH in Zürich




Trilobiten spuren

Illustration model of Trilobite traces
Models of Trilobite traces and explanation in brail for blind persons

About Dr.Seilacher
ETH -The exhibition Fossil Art was initiated by Dr. Seilacher receiving the Crafoord Price in 1992
Since then it has grown from 4 small panels to presently 49 panels with exceptional, spectacular trace fossils from all over the world.




2012 June 24th - September 14th: Danmark, Skive Museum

October 2011-May 2012 :                                Kiel


                Universität Kiel
                Geologisches und Mineralogisches Museum
                24118 Kiel

Kiel University Museum

Kiel Museum

2010  SPAIN:  Granda Spain, Granada
January 29th-February-May 17th

Oviedo Spain: 21st of May - 21st of August
University of Oviedo                         OVIEDO

2009  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Muzeul National de Geologie Bucaresti, January
Croatian Natural History Museum, Zagreb, Croatia, June-Juli

Rijeka, Croatia, August-September

Midt-Sønderjyllands Museum, Gram MuseumGram, Danmark


Palace of Culture   Warszawa 15th of January  until 5th of May

Jura Park, Solec-Kujawski       10th of May until 22nd of July

33IGC world geological conference in Oslo  5th of August until 20th of August

ICHNIA  CracowKrakow 1st of September until 1st of October

Muzeul National de Geologie Bucaresti, Romania, 5th of October until 15th of January 2009
Bucaresti Geological Museum Bucaresti

2007   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Geologisk Museum København until 15. marts

Universitetet i Lund, Sverige from 30.marts until 30.april

Bergen Museum, Norge from 10.maj until 10.september 

2006   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Naturhistorisk Museum i Århus from 10.januar until 15.april

Norsk Oljemuseum Norsk Oliemuseum Stavanger from 1.maj until 1.juli

Oplevelsescenteret Åkirkeby on Bornholm from 15. juli until 25.september     

Geologisk Museum København from 5.oktober until 15.marts 2007

2005  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


2004 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Brazil, South America

C.BeyerClaus Beyer ,Geologist, cand scient. from Århus Universitet 1987

Tlf +47 97 58 08 24
Tlf +45 86 95 27 95 fax +45 86 95 28 95

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A German version of the book is now available. 5 more fossils have been added - price 28 Euro

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