This new book describes traces of life from more than 600 mill years.


In this novel and wonderful compilation, Seilacher has broken new ground both aesthetically and intellectucally in the presentation of fossils as art.

All of the examples represent the activities and behaviour of organisms -burrows, traces, tracks and trails - rather than their overt anatomies. Thus we learn that organic effort can be as beautiful as organic form.

Most of the objects shown are casts made directly from bedding planes rather than the specimens themselves.

The technology of casting has become so effective and accurate that boundaries between copies and originals have blurred.

Fascinating details made by living creatures millions of years ago on the deep sea botton


The book contains beautiful photos taken by Dr.Michal Banas, Krakow.


In addition, the book contains Dr. Seilachers artistic drawings which are almost self-explaining,and his interpretation and stories about the traces and localities where they were found.


 "Fossil Art" may be used for teaching, for studying, or just - as an art book - to become fascinated.

As Dolf says "they may fascinate non-professionals as raw images, some of which were made long before the first eye could see".


39 full page colour photos, English text, 97 pages,

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