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The exhibition arrives in wooden boxes constructed to transport the panels safely. It is important when packing and unpacking the boxes that the written guidelines are closely followed.Violence must not be used in any case. The size of the boxes are 2.50m x 1.50m x 1.50m and they weigh 480-580 kg each. The woodenboxes must not be left outside in rainy weather as they will be destroyed.


The exhibition contains approximately 40 panels of size 2.30m x 1.25m. They fit exactly into the
woodenboxes which are unpacked by removing the lit and the sides. The panels may then be lifted
up one by one. They weigh approximately 30 kg each and may easily be carried by two persons.

Udpakning i Tuebingen

It is easy to set up the exhibtion. It may be done in 3 days including the special lightning
which follows the exhibition in a separate box.
Køln opsætning

The panels may easily be placed along the walls, as selfsupporting triangles or as columns.

Karlsruhe opstilling

A list of all panels follows the exhibition. A catalogue in English for sale in the museum follows
the exhibition and may be sold on a provision basis.
The price for renting the exhibition is 12 000 euro for 2 months or 16 000 euro for 3 months in
addition to transport to the next museum or to the border if the exhibition travels abroad.

Krakow Poland.

Indgang til udstilling

  As portals by the entrance to the timetunnel on the science museum, NaturBornholm, Denmark.

The People behind Fossil Art and a calender.

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